Miami Dui and Florida DUI Legal Information

You’ve Been Arrested for DUI in Florida – Now What?

Being arrested and charged with a DUI is a terrifying experience, and perhaps the worst part of the situation aside from the consequences you face is that you have no time to deal with the problem. You need to act fast and decisively if you are arrested for DUI in Miami, and below is a brief look at how to proceed in furtherance of the defense you and your Miami DUI lawyer will build on your behalf.

Be Polite with the Officer

The worst thing you can do if you are pulled over for a suspected DUI is to become antagonistic or abrasive with the officer. Do not act in a confrontational manner, and do not do or say anything that the officer doesn’t specifically ask you to do or say. You will only arouse suspicion of you act that way, so treat the officer with respect.

Gather the Facts

If you are arrested for DUI, you do have the Constitutional right to speak to a Miami DUI attorney while you are being questioned. However, many DUI arrests do not involve any sort of interrogation at the precinct, and basically they’ll write you the citation and send you on your way. When this is complete, make sure that you immediately write down everything that happened that led to your arrest, as it will be much easier to recall certain facts if they’re in writing. Do not edit yourself – you never know what fact will become crucial to your defense.

Administrative Proceeding

One of the most overlooked, but critical, components of every DUI proceeding is the administrative hearing that occurs with the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. This hearing will generally occur within a few days of your arrest, and you are required to be present at this hearing, which will determine whether or not your driving privileges will continue. Failure to respond or appear at this hearing will result in an automatic revocation of your driver’s license.

Legal Proceeding

Even with the administrative hearing in place, you obviously still need to work with your West Palm Beach drunk driving lawyer to make sure that you mount as strong a defense as possible. You and your attorney will look for problems with your arrest, your questioning, your field sobriety test or any other reason that the arrest could be seen as problematic in terms of the Constitution. These are only a few examples of what could be done to bolster your case, and the specific strategies you’ll use will depend on the facts of your case.

Regardless of what happened or how it happened, one thing that you need to understand is that if you have been arrested for DUI in Florida, you need to act immediately and aggressively to protect your rights.

Contact a DUI Lawyer

When you’ve gathered your facts, contact an attorney immediately. He or she will be able to help you organize and analyze the facts that led to your arrest, and he or she will also be able to help you identify the issues you face. You will need an attorney to fight for your rights in every respect, and this is definitely not a situation in which you should attempt to fight your own battle – you need legal representation to make sure that none of the rights available to you go unenforced.

The Dish: Fast As Lightning

This Friday, Justin Gatlin broke the 100-meter world record with a time of 9.76 seconds. While the track and field world holds its breath hoping no BALCO-style disaster drowns out the excitement, let’s talk about what else in sports takes 9.76 seconds.

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Will interest in the NBA playoffs diminish without the Lakers to kick around anymore?

GJ, California represents the biggest state in terms of handle and bettors, thus not having the Lakers around will have somewhat of an impact. That said, L.A.’s other team is generating a lot of the attention with these bettors. The second-round matchups are incredibly exciting anyway, and will keep people watching the playoffs and forgetting Kobe in no time. The Dallas/Spurs series is going to be an epic battle, as the first two games have already shown. I foresee this one going the distance. As for the East, I don’t think the Cavs will put up too much of a fight against the mighty Pistons, and should be the first series to wrap up.

What’s your reaction to Barry Bonds eclipsing the Babe?

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GJ, The main reason for the lateness of the lines is due to the books waiting on where the racers are positioned and the results of the qualifying laps. Someone that has pole position would be favored over someone that is a few rows back, so sorry, you are simply going to have to wait until race day to place some of these head to head bets!

How to Eliminate Credit Card Debt Legally So That You Can Free Yourself From the Crushing Pressure

Are you swimming in credit card debt? Are you literally maxed out and cannot make the minimum payments? If so, you are not alone. It’s become nearly commonplace for people to be carrying more credit card debt than they can possibly pay off. The situation has so become so widespread, many say it’s a pandemic. Living above one’s means and bridging the gap with credit cards is a practice that’s run rampant through our country. As a nation, we have accrued an astonishing mass of debt. In just last few years, it’s exploded to quantities never before seen in our history. Once people find themselves with all their credit cards maxed and facing minimum payments they cannot meet each month, they begin to panic. If they’re smart, they begin to investigate how to eliminate credit card debt legally.

There’s one thing you need to know about credit card debt. It is what we refer to as ‘unsecured debt.’ What does that mean? Unsecured debt is debt which is incurred without any physical objects put up against the debt. In other words, no collateral was required to secure the loan. If the payments are not made, the bank cannot repossess an item in order to recoup their funds. No one will appear at your front doorstep in order to take possession of anything you own. If you were to be taken to court over the debt, it would be to civil court. The point of all of this is that if you were to choose not to repay your debt, that behavior is not considered illegal.

This is not to say that there wouldn’t be consequences. If you do not make payments on your debt, then your credit rating will undoubtedly suffer tremendously. It’s likely that you will never again be given a loan for anything else. Think about that. If you ever needed to buy a car or a home, if you wanted a store credit account, you would be denied. You do have a contractual agreement with the credit card company and by choosing not to pay them, you would be in breach of contract, which isn’t looked upon favorably in the financial world. If you were to decide to simply stop making payments on these accounts, you would eventually find yourself unable to even be approved for layaway. Your credit identity would be known as a parasite. Doesn’t sound like a good option, does it?

So rather than simply avoiding paying your bills, the smarter move is to exercise your right to utilize various programs created by the credit card companies themselves. These programs aim to allow consumers to pay off their balances. There are specialized organizations whose mission is to assist consumers with their credit card debt management. These companies exist to enable people to climb out of debt. Many people need these companies because they feel badgered by their creditors. They do not feel they can bargain with the credit card companies because they feel so overwhelmed, ashamed and intimidated. There’s a great reason many people feel this way. Ever talked to a collection agent? It’s pretty well known that they have the personality of Attila the Hun with a migraine. These people have a singular focus. They care about one thing, and one thing only. What is that? To force you to write a check to them, no matter what else you may have to forgo in order to do so. They’re well trained in how to bully, browbeat, menace and torment.

Third party organizations can truly help you out in this situation. They are more than happy to withstand the verbal abuse these collectors want to dish out and still stand their ground. After all, they aren’t emotionally involved like you are. They are not the ones who have no money and no idea where the next bit of cash will come from. So they can be calmer, more logical, and stand toe-to-toe with those collection agents. The process works like this: you write up a list of your creditors. You detail how much you owe and what your minimum payments usually are. They will take it from there. Ready for the very best part of this offer? You don’t have to pay them any money upfront. “Let me get this straight,” you say, “I don’t have to take any more abusive phone calls. And I also don’t pay any money to this company?” Are you scratching your head in confusion, wondering what the catch is? No, you’re not confused. That’s precisely how this works. You stop having to field calls from collectors and you don’t have to write a check to the third party company either. And get this: in 99% of the cases, your monthly payments drop considerably. In fact, after using these companies, people report that they have some financial breathing room again for the first time in years.

As great as these companies are, lots of people have never even heard about them. A lot of people are suffering the indignity of endless phone calls and harassing collections agents when they could be using this entirely legal avenue to resolve credit card debt. Imagine it: eliminate credit card debt legally. I guess it’s not that shocking that few people are aware of this option since the credit card companies certainly want to keep consumers in the dark when it comes to this solution. This option is gaining popularity across the country. More and more folks each day call up one of these companies and breathe a sigh of relief as they watch their credit card debt shrink before their eyes.

There are other means to eliminate credit card debt legally. However, the options available have a lot of problems associated with them. Read on to learn about two of these options.

1. A consolidation loan – Consolidation loans can be a good solution for those consumers whose credit score is high enough to qualify. Other consumers can qualify by using collateral. Sounds great, right? Yeah, except the part where you realize that if you had credit that good, you wouldn’t be struggling to pay your bills, would you? And if you actually owned something that would constitute a collateral, then you might have already sold it to rectify your debts. If you do still own something of enough value to secure a loan of this size, it’s not really financially savvy to put it on the line to get more debt. Once you begin thinking about it, it seems pretty silly. Doesn’t it? It’s not really a viable option.

2. Borrow money from your family members or your friends – Here is where things get uncomfortable and hairy. If you’re already struggling to pay your existing debt, how is taking on more debt going to solve your problem? If you do convince a loved one to extend even more money to you, you’ve now put yourself in a very awkward situation. Ever heard the adage: Don’t loan money to family or friends? Well, there’s a reason for that. These situations rarely turn out well. In fact, these type of situations are exactly the fodder that day time talk shows are made of. If you’d like to see yourself on Judge Mathis or Jerry Springer, then go ahead and hit someone you’re related to up for some cash.

Once you’ve dug a deep financial hole for yourself, there is really only one viable option to alleviate your discomfort. When you can’t pay your credit card bills, you can only make one move. You have to call a third party negotiator to talk to your creditors. They can convince them to either lower your monthly payments or even reduce your entire debt amount. It’s that or take on even more debt and burn bridges among your family and friends. Gosh, when you put it that way, the choice starts to get really clear, doesn’t it?

The important thing to remember is that time is not on your side. If you’re already behind on your payments, then your account has been flagged. Once it is officially sent to “legal,” your options grow very slim, very quickly. If they’ve put your account with their legal department, then there will be no negotiation. It won’t matter if you call or your third party negotiator calls. No one will be able to move the creditor at that point. If they’ve referred the account to their legal department, then they are planning to circumvent you and get their payment directly from your paycheck. They may even be planning to put a lien against something you own. If you truly want to get out from underneath this crushing debt, you must take action now.

How to Get Cafe Cash in Cafe World Legally?

Are you playing Cafe World and you need some cash but you do not want to spend your hard earned cash to get it?

As in any Zynga game you need money to get what you want. And Cafe World is not an exception. Instead of buying credit we will discuss some good legal ways to get Cafe World Cash easily and quickly.

Take quizzes and surveys: There is no easier way than that. Did you see that? There is a button on your screen that reads” Get More Cafe World Cash” If you clicked it then you will go directly to take surveys or quizzes online. Beware that these surveys might not be available everywhere. There are surveys that target some geographical areas and you might not be able to take surveys due to your geographical location.

Taking surveys and quizzes might seem like an easy way to get cash. Sometimes working your pants off in your Cafe is easier because some surveys take long time and they might be boring. They sometimes require you to download adwares or malwares on your PC so you have to pick your surveys and quizzes wisely.

Level up as fast as possible: You know that you get cash every time you level up. So if you want to get heaps of cash you need to focus on leveling up very quickly and do all the necessary tasks to achieve that goal.

Leveling up is easy if you know what kind of food you need to gain the maximum experience points in the shortest time. It is not necessarily true that the more expensive food you prepare is the one that will give you more experience points. So you have to check out by yourself.

The second thing you have to take care of if you want to get more experience points to level up faster is to manage your time to make dishes and food. You know the time you spend on the game everyday. So you have to put a schedule for the food you will prepare. If you prepare food that requires short time period then you can manage your schedule to prepare as much as possible to get more experience point, level up very fast and legally get heaps of Cafe World cash.

There are many secrets you have to discover if you want to play and master Cafe World. The game is addictive and you are bound to know more about it if you play it with passion and if you have an eye that takes care of details.